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She Is
I see her,
she is so beautiful.
On nights I am kept awake
by demons of the dammed,
I am breathless
by the thought of her.
I see her,
she is so beautiful.
When I am not living,
but rather surviving,
I can only think about her
and it reminds me
that my life has yet to become complete.
I see her,
she is so beautiful.
Although I have varied myself
into multiple problems
she lies amongst the best
And I saw her,
and I thought to myself
She is so beautiful.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 2 0
Go to bed, please. by Imthebiggestlionever Go to bed, please. :iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 16 6
Illiterate tongue of a spitter
To all-of-you:
respect in full.
To solitude in-all-our-grooves,
to text to soul.
To soul is calling-truce though truth is inevitable to clash.
To soul is falling through, and all-of-you rep-that.
So let's live without commitment,
be free and-not-give-a-damn
My lyrics' art-form, sub-par born but evolved.
To 'soul' is through scars, thorns, cussed more to resolve.
What's more:
be tall.
Be brave and fight-on
All us fall, but the art-craft, paneled judges won't return my call
Why wrong? we are free to speak and express.
We all tried and spawned, an buffered tougher ways.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 0 0
They say.
They say,
religion will save you. God will see your pain and resurrect you.
They say,
you're confused.
They say,
honey, this is a phase.
And as they repeat arrogance in such a slender slur,
my mind will still be twisted around her
because God, I am this way because of you! I am neither confused or going through a passage that has a light at the end.
And if you can put a definition to LOVE, it better not start with gender!
I am content with my being, and with whomever my heart swells for. I am happy with a woman because when she is delicately shimmering under the sun,
I don't see what could possible be wrong with looking at her, and thinking,
"She is beautiful."
They say,
read the bible - it is so wrong.
They say,
loving the same gender is a sin.
They say,
man and woman started love's origin.
And I will say,
the definition of love is not about a particular part on a person's vessel but rather what they have to offer inside of their shipwrecked chest. We are free to admire and be infatua
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 11 3
I should learn
I've come to the conclusion
that nothing hurts more
than trying so hard to be good enough
and being replaced by someone
so much better.
You recall every effort
every attempt
to show them that there is nothing better
than your smile
or your laugh
You remember every feeble struggle
to make them understand
that you want them to stay
so bad.
I've come to the conclusion
that after I've realized that I will never be enough
I always try again
but I should just learn to give up
when I really need to.
I should learn to say
fuck you
when all they did was
turn me around
and push me away.
Fuck you.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 1 1
I am a contradiction
I self medicate with medication without a prescription.
I shuffle in corners of concerts and airports.
I am delirious, I am not here.
I find myself to be most comfortable in sweaters too big for my figure.
I am a ghost of a masterpiece that never made the front cover.
I am the shadow of a suicide that no one recognized.
I am not rare.
I am not special.
I am a mixture of the drug and the "coming down" effect.
I am content with growing old alone.
I am satisfied with nothing.
I am a contradiction of no and yes.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 3 0
My relationship with the world
my relationship with the world
has expanded and left me wondering
if we are all in for a massive burn out,
if we will ever make a communal decision
to retreat into the woods without worrying
about pinterest or pornhub or privacy settings:
it would be nice to fuck under the stars
and see the stars and make fun of it all later.
but its not simple
to retreat from prejudice judgement.
we are lining up for our final vows
that won't mean anything in less than three weeks.
my conjoined twin died in the womb
and yet still continues to talk with me
and I can still feel its pain
when the weather changes
and someone is screaming at their garden beds.
you're working a dead end job
thinking it’ll get you ahead.
you'll stand there, making minimum fucking wage
thinking about how many tubes of toothpaste you can afford
or you'll think about that time on the subway
when that really hot chick accidentally touched your tit
but you were too much of a fucking pussy
to take a picture of her
so when yo
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No I haven't
I have sat on curbs
beside busy streets
and wondered how far my body would roll until it stopped.
I have looked down
from the tallest cliff in my small town
and wondered if
at least one of the 2,297 people
would give a flying fuck
if I jumped.
I have lied in bed
countless nights
and the restlessness has never subsided.
I have sat in pouring rain
and hoped for lighting
to strike me.
But I never wanted to die.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 2 0
Disregard this
You see,
I was a little fighter
I kissed demons for fun
I took my chances and snorted every pill off the barrel of a gun
and I just laughed,
I thought it was funny
because when you're young and rebellious
death seems so cunning.
You're living with no regrets
you're so far in debt
but your mentality is so far strung and twisted
you're morbid.
you're fucked up in the head.
you wanted for so long just to keel over dead
but instead you're living this life
like you're doing time for a crime that you didn't commit
and it tangles you and suffocates you
it makes you believe that drugs is all you gotta do.
so shoot up one more time baby,
this is the last hit.
Fry with me baby,
let the smoke sit.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 5 3
Beyond so
I am a little bug
and you -
you're a garden.
I am a makeshift pattern of little organs and small hopes
but I see you and see endless growth.
I am in awe at what you offer
gardens don't have eyes to see what beauty they entitle
in their twisted grape vines
and their bundled, buried roots,
the veins in the leaves of its aging trees.
gardens cannot smell their blooming flowers
or carefully tended beds
nor appreciate what all they are capable of.
And it takes a little bug
to perch itself on the surrounding wall
guarding splendor
and whisper
you're beautiful,
beyond so -
So it seems
I am a little bug
and you -
you're a garden.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 0 0
On August 15th,
you told me your full name
and still considered my name
to be more beautiful.
On August 15th,
you told me you liked me
and I could tell that you were shy
or maybe unsure.
You told me your favorite movies
and I couldn't help but smile
because they were about a blue alien
that was mistaken for a dog
and a fish that searched the ocean for his son.
On August 27th,
it was a beautiful day.
Not just because the sky was clear
and the grass was green
but because I could see the color of your eyes
when you turned your head the right way.
I could see
the occasional deep breaths you'd take
escaping from your lungs
Breathe, just breathe.
August 27th,
I knew I was more nervous than you
but you didn't have a clue.
It was the day I asked you to be mine
because I had a feeling that this girl -
she might be the right one.
And you have yet to prove me wrong.
:iconimthebiggestlionever:Imthebiggestlionever 3 1
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I want this to be a place for you to come and hate everything you see.

Central Oregon.
Self medicated.
Pop rocks, Star Wars, Alex Pardee, instrumentals, libraries, tattoo shops, sushi bars, record stores, skate parks, sleep deprivation, mind-numbing volumes, monotone speech, wretched appearance, nail biting, well-organized faggot.

Common era irregular.

Hey there shattered people.
I'm Lauralyn. The girlfriend.
                As I sit on her bed, and watch her so peaceful. So innocent and vulnerable, I can't help but smile inside. Red Hot Chili Peppers is playing, as well as the white noise of a little back fan perched on the window sill.
    I've never had someone like her in my life. Someone just as shattered and lost as I am. Guilt lingers in her head for things that weren't in her control. Scars of the past shine through her like a gold watch hitting the sunlight, just enough to catch your eye, but not enough really make you pay attention to the crisp details.
                   I pay attention tho. I watch her, study her life and little habits. I make sure she knows, that even if she falls, I'll be there. Grasping her tight and making her stable again. Her habits entise me. She laughs at me because I watch her all the time. But, the immaculate amount of love I have for this girl is unlike any feeling I've ever experienced.
    Love is a beautiful thing, and aren't we supossed to know our partner like the back of our hand?
I'm slowing memorizing her quirks. Her unethical confusing and absolutely gorgeous quirks.
                She has an odd taste in music, but I fall more in love with it all every day. She likes v8. Gross. But I kiss her after she drinks it anyways.
                I'm an angry person. With demons that would scare Chriss Angel. But this girl? She makes me forget. She creates this shield of complete waves of calmness around my spinning head. She is a dose of intoxicating love that I didn't know was even possible.
                I tend to be attracted to broken people. But her? No. She is something completely new to me. She makes my heart skip a beat on the daily. I have an impossibly undeniable and inevitable lust and want for her. And she loves it. I embrace her every thought. Her bad days are becoming something for me that I cannot even begin to think about living without. Her good days make everything in the world seem not so bad anymore. We laugh like no one could ever fathom, and when were not laughing, we're smiling. I've wrapped myself around her like a force field.
                     Recovering addicts. In a world of temptation. Surviving all of it together. Pushing through the painful thoughts and cravings. She makes my want for drugs go away. I've been sober for over 3 years now, but until I met her and kissed her impressively soft lips, I wanted to relapse so bad. Now, drugs aren't even an after thought for me.
                How could such a broken soul, love another broken soul as if the world created us both to be together? How is it that I can completely lose my shit, and then look at her and forget everything bad though that was taking over my brain? Well, I'm not sure of an answer for that, but I know that I Love it. I love the fact that every thing others despise about me, she loves and adores. She shows me what it;s like not to be afraid of love anymore.
                She's perfect. She grinds her teeth without thinking about it. So what do I do? I lay with her watching the goonies at 2am and stick my pinky in her mouth so her jaw doesn't hurt the next day. I let her see the fire inside of me when she kisses my body.
                She caresses my body like its a fantasy. She kisses me like it would be the last kiss a dying soul would ever encounter. She dies a little when my sex eyes lock with hers. I've never been looked at the way she looks at me. We scream at the tops of our lungs at random cars on the roads that we love eachother. "I love this girl! I love this woman right here!" she screams. And I melt a little every time. She shows me off and makes it known that I am hers. Before her, I didn't know what it was like to be loved in public. It's crazy to me how someone like her could love someone like me. But I'm so glad she does.
              There was no rhyme or reason for me to write this other than I fucking love her. I fucking love everything, every inch, every stretch mark and unwanted blemish, every curve and random long hair that doesn't go along with the flow of the rest of her hair. I fucking love her. I cannot announce it enough. I fucking love her and I cannot wait to see what this brutally estranged world has to offer us.
                Do you know what purity is in the sense of love I'm blessed with?


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